Wednesday, March 5, 2008

SEO is Dead! Where is Your Audience Searching? at Emergence Media

Fascinating view from a year ago. SEO being dead and all, it's a very slow death.

And so, what drives people and what are they looking for. See my book for some "old" starter material on Virus Marketing

SEO is Dead! Well, maybe your Google SEO

Why is SEO important? Because the majority of people search on the Internet to find things…reviews, contact numbers, shopping etc. But what is Search? Google? Yahoo?If you’re search engine optimization campaign is targeting Google, then what are you doing about the “searches” on, Technorati, StumbleUpon, Yelp, Wikipedia, Oodle and even Digg? Maybe those searches are not for the mainstream (yet), but it maybe where the Linkerati, the savvy “Influencers”, go?Is your SEO really just “Google Search Optimization”? Have you brainstormed with your marketing team to see if your company, product and/or service needs to do more?
SEO is Dead! Where is Your Audience Searching? at Emergence Media

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Creating The Web 2.0 Buzz: Beyond Search Engine OptimizationCreating The Web 2.0 Buzz: Beyond Search Engine Optimization

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You can create a Web 2.0 Buzz which can get you both immediate and long-lasting results beyond "search engine optimization" as currently practiced.

How do you do that?

  • Most SEO is built around establishing keywords prominently on your pages.
  • Web 2.0 uses all the "New Media" to spread the word for you.
  • When you use your keywords in your social bookmarks, your site becomes "viral" - other people spread it for you.
  • Using audio, video, and slideshows, people tell others about your stuff.
  • And search engines love Web 2.0 more than static pages.
  • So use "New Media" to promote your static pages and get top real estate in the search engines.

This book gives you all the theory and examples of how you can create a Web 2.0 buzz and use it to bring paying subscribers to your mailing lists.

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