Friday, March 21, 2008

Consolidating your Social Media Efforts - Maven Matrix Experiment

How to get the best mileage from your social media - save your fuel and time.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Online Marketing Better than SEO

I found something on one of my blog researches which has eaten up most of my week and thrown my schedule to the birds.

This was the Maven Matrix Manifesto (which I won't link as it's behind several people's opt-in forms - and available from many sources).

I was entranced by it, because of its audacity. There was something to learn here. And I knew that most people wouldn't get what made it work, so I had something to say about this.

To study it, I created a PowerPoint (OpenOffice odp) for a SlideShare upload. Then recorded the soundtrack for it, which was going to go up on Internet Archives. Turned out to be about 50 minutes. And this is a long upload in both cases.

I messed up the upload and so decided to split up the whole thing and make it under 10 minutes for each piece - so that if I couldn't get the slideshares to work right, then I'd be able to recreate it in Camtasia and upload to You Tube.

(You can see that I'm a great believer in write once, publish many times/many formats.)

After all this editing and re-uploading these smaller files and their soundtracks, I then had some working "slidecasts" (finally).

By then, I had also written a long essay on my analysis of this MMM. I had also created an 8+ minute video in camtasia of only my summary.

Posted that video on youtube. Posted the summary on my blog and then linked to the slidecast (first of the series) and the video, plus the soundtracks. (You'll have to see the post on A Modern View, as I'm too tired to link all these properly here all over again...)

Then I started social posting everything - only to find that things were showing up on Google faster than I could actually do that. The stuff showed up as top - when I didn't social post it at all. My blog was up in the top four within minutes. YouTube didn't show up at all, yet.

So I'm rethinking these. Consider your blog as the index page for all your various media excursions. Write the press release, write a nice blog post. Link in everything you created in this area. Everything. Then just social post that one blog entry (its permalink). And sit back.

If you're hitting the top social media, the search engines are already camping on their doorsteps. You'll just be messing with their heads and tripping them up. Now, the caveat here is to make sure that your links aren't no follow in your blog post.

I'd still work from building the (optimized) mini-web first. Get that FTP going while you build the slidecast and video. Because where you can, you're going to link back to that web site - and that web site is going to be doing the organic thing of building up your page rank, link reputation, etc. If you don't do it first, then you'll never get around to it. And you can always come back for more later.

a. Text first: Write a review (product or book) and a press release.
b. Mini-web, using that text.
c. Press release submitted, linking to mini-web, articles submitted - using that review copy.
d. Slideshare
1. Presentation (save as PDF to keep fonts) upload to
2. Sound track - upload to
3. Create slidecast.
e. Create video from above through Camtasia. Post to YouTube and similar.
f. Blog about all the above, embedding the slideshare, video and linking to everything else.
1. Now social post that single blog entry.

f. Squidoo, linking in the video, blog, etc.

Following that sequence should keep you on the social media happy-list.

Key here is to use the exact same keywords in all your titles. Then you take over the top rankings.

- - -

All of this is no good unless you can convert search engine results into subscribers...

I'll scratch my head on this one and post something ingenious when I finish the research on it.

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