Monday, March 24, 2008

How to tell about what you know to be true - keyword modifiers and organic SEO

Brought to my attention by SEOSmarty, this is a fascinating piece.

While I bring you the below as immediately useful, there is also more data on the page about what search engines like to find on your page. Bulleted lists, blockquotes - surprise, surprise - just the things people like to read (compare with the copywriting section of An Online Millionaire Plan).

Essentially, usable content is king.

Always back up your social media marketing with sound organic SEO techniques.

How to Grow an Organic Search Ranking using Thematic Search Modifiers | SEO Design Solutions SEO Blog: "The “most searched” obvious keyword modifiers first;

* Company
* Services
* Professional
* Best
* Top
* Leading
* Internet
* Organization
* Marketing
* Business
* Solution
* Online

Then the less obvious “Money Phrases”, such as:

* Rates
* Pricing
* Deals
* Affordable
* Offers
* Packages
* Quality

Then the GEO Specific Local Search Modifiers Such as:

* City Name
* Surrounding Suburbs
* State (including abbreviations NYC, IL, FL, WA, etc.)
* County Name"

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