Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A Rough Sequence to Setting up Affiliiate Sales

What to do with all those freebie PLR packages, ebooks, and other stuff taking space on your hard-drive?

Post 'em. Make some money off them.

This has been the problem I've had - lots and lots of stuff with sales pages and all that, ready for someone to put on their web-site. Some is downright crap, others aren't so bad - if you know what to do with them.

And that's my forte - making sense of stuff. That's why I researched out and compiled An Online Millionaire Plan. So first, I'd make sense out of all this stuff. Second, so I could help you make sense out of all of it...

But either I've been put off by the slogging, detail-oriented work of it all, or simply had too much of it to mess with. So these things stacked up. And I wound up with too much to fit on a single DVD (over 4 gigs)!

Now, as I covered in another post, I've been having some success in marketing and all the detail work which goes with this. Found it was actually pretty simple to put all these things up online.

In the back of my head, I've had the rough organization sketched out - keep everything tidy by area, and then put a master page with the text I wrote for that section. Then post and link all the various sales pages, along with mini-webs to support (and market) them.

And oddly, An Online Millionaire Plan should become a course one day - setting things up this way would help people get through the basics and then invest in the good stuff and get the bonus stuff for their own re-purposing, so they could work it over and make their own money from it.

Same for my other sites. I have just tons of public-domain self-help books that I've collected (and other public-domain books, as well). These can be posted and worked up, as I can study and do a review of each of these books - which then send to a sales page. The mini-web is simply my book review cut up into several pieces, an ad on each page to buy that book (from me). The value here is that I'm reviewing that book and telling them related books, plus offering them a download package of personally edited books which are easy to read and understand (the problem with free downloads is that you get what you pay for - always an uncertain result.) That's my Go Thunk Yourself Personal Development Library.

Secrets to the Law of Attraction goes the same way. I have some eighteen or more books (and this gets added to everytime I turn around) which need their own review site/mini-web and a specific sales page.

The interesting thing here is that while I get a lot of subscribers from Lulu to my mail-lists, I don't get the sales I should. Reason being is that they don't allow you a lot of room to make a proper sales page. However, they do allow you to "iframe" in an external page. So a version of these sales pages would then pop-up inside Lulu bookstore and give a better sales version - which Lulu would benefit from. Allow downloads there as well as printed books, but get those viewers to come to my site via mail-list opt-in.

What's happened recently is my needing to slice up all these sections of An Online Millionaire Plan and get them out as individual ebooks. In doing this, I can now set up my sections of various salable products - which leads right into getting Affiliate sales going.

Now all of this is a lot of work. And I'm a bit behind on other stuff in general.

But if you go back to the top of this, you'll see the plan. One product, one broadcast, per producct-line per week. And this means one mini-web per product-line per week - about 12 pages weekly - or probably 600 mini-web pagess going over into my mini-net, at 150 pages per product-line per year.

All of these optimized and giving page rank up miserly. And setting me up for massive affiliate sales.

Everyone wins.

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