Saturday, January 23, 2010

How to Get Rich

Nearly everyone wants to get rich, to have abundance, to enjoy prosperity in their lives.

There are only a few basic steps you have to take in order to get whatever riches you want in your life:

1. Learn, study, apply.

2. We are all connected. Lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way.

3. Know what a scam is.

This video goes over these three steps in more detail.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Recession-proof your life - Bonus Lesson 08

When you know how to get your self scam free, you also are able to master these recessions we have. Because they are basically caused by scammers. Get your freedom back...

Living a scam free life - Summary Lesson 07

And a summary of these Get Your Self Scam-Free lessons. Scammers have no effect on you as you apply what you've learned here - no matter how good their pitch is...

Recipe to get yourself scam free - Lesson 06

Here's a simple recipe to get yourself scam free. Just a couple of steps to take which will move you completely beyond any scammer's clutches as they seek your wallet...

One-Word Formula to stop telemarketers - Lesson 05

Here's a simple one-word formula to drop your telemarketers by about 90%. It's an easy way to get your freedom back from scammers with their "business opportunities"...

How your basic desires get you scammed. Lesson 04

While Lester Levenson was sent home to die at age 42, he instead devoted his "last" days to solving the mystery of his own life. He discovered we have basically just 3 basic desires.

And the method he developed to defuse these will enable you to never be scammed again.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What you want and how telemarketers make you want it - Lesson 03

Telemarketers use your own urges against you...

Maslow's work explains Cialdini's later research, and why telemarketer sales
work at all.

Comparing Maslow to Cialdini, you can see that while some have
used Cialdini to just pick the key points to use in triggering their sales, with
Maslow's theory as a base, you can also identify your customer and see what
they are most likely to want next. However, most telemarketers are
operating on the law of averages and only 1) want to make their sale, and 2)
resell your name and number to another telemarketer.

How to Quit Being a Patsy - Lesson 02

To get yourself scam-free, you have to first quit being a patsy. . .

A patsy, a chump, a dupe, a target, a victim – - you know, one of those guys with a big target on their back which says “kick me”. . .

We’re all that way a little bit. Even Professor Robert Cialdini, author of the book “Influence” says he’s one in the opening line. But after 15 years of research, he came up with an incredible book which is still being circulated and brought out in new editions with updates. I got a copy of his fourth edition after I read where a scammer said he had the reasons people will buy whatever you have to sell.

6 rules to get rich without scams

Only 6 rules govern the scammer universe. Understand these and get scam free in your life.