Thursday, September 18, 2008

Keyword position on your blog post title and why

Keyword position on your blog post title is very key - and here's why...

It's really simple, too much so.

Classic organic SEO has your keywords in three places:
  1. Your title
  2. Your heading (H1 and H2)
  3. Incoming links.
One author I was following recently said that you want your keywords at the front of that title.

I didn't get it - until I looked at some links. The answer is in your "permalink" set-up.

Of course you opt for permalinks, so people can link to you. What Bloggers and others do is create a line out of that post title. So this link might be "keyword-position-on-your-blog.html"

You notice that it's not all there. Long titles are often truncated, even chopping a word in half.

But when your keyword is in the first 3-5 words (and long tail phrases these days are mostly four words or better), then that keyword is in any link to your blog.

So permalinks preserve your incoming link relevancy and so increase your organic SEO - providing you have your keyword front and center on that title.

This means you write your post - every post - like this:
  1. Keyword in first few words of blog title
  2. Keyword in first line of blog post, which is preferably bold and H1 or H2.
  3. And the rest of the blog post is themed with words that have to do with that keyword phrase.
That's really the simplicity of it.

And permalinks are why.

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