Wednesday, September 24, 2008

How Inernet Marketing Pays its Way - who supports top marketers and why

Internet Marketing is paid for by people who aren't possibly going to get all they can out of anything.

By statistic, they mostly all have day jobs and if they do finish this ebook, or package, or use the program other than once - it would be rare.

Just check around. Any survey will find the same thing.

Pareto Principle at work. 80/20 rule - 20 percent will actually produce 80% of the testimonials and income. But it's broken down on the Bell Curve, more likely, since there is another percentage which is pretty inflexible - 1-3% will buy anything you sell them, regardless. That same percentage comes up as the people who control most of the wealth on this planet.

These numbers just keep coming up over and over and over. 80/20 and 97/4 or something like that.

Criminals who commit most of the crimes in a community - 2-5%. Genius types in any body of people - 2-5%. Bell Curve statistics. (Except often the criminal are just genius-types who have some really bad computations going on, personally - both of them think outside any box given or perceived.)

Reverse this, now. When you sell a bunch of something, what's going to happen with that great product. Mostly, nothing. 20 percent will rave about it who buy it, making sure your next product is another bestselling success. But only 1-3% will really "get it". The rest are waiting to buy your next book so they can read (most of) it and put it on the shelf, or give to friends, or auction on eBay, or donate to a library, or, or, or.

Just the way it was set up. And it stays that way because we all agree on it.

Now, another tool: that 1/3% have no real competition on this planet. They actually do whatever they like to do - and will wind up making as much money or owning property (houses, fast cars) just as much as they feel like.

And probably this isn't the right blog for this one. But it's just one of those universal truths. A set of repeating statistics.

The next time you offer a product, think about this. And the next time you buy someone's stuff - think about this.

Are you really, really going to be using that stuff? Or is it time to simply sit back and get truly creative for once - to re-dedicate yourself to making this world a better place?

Because the only thing stopping you - is you.

Sure, all the evangelizing you do will only reach a handful - means you have to really, broadly market your stuff. And it has to be useful to the vast majority on this planet. 1-3% of several billion is several million, isn't it?

Go ahead, splurge on your intuitive, imaginative, and creative urges and talents. It's only going to come back to you the exact way you use them. Make a lot of people better with your art, your genius, your incredible native talent - and you'll only get better. Just don't try to cheat anyone, or con them - unless you like to be cheated or conned.

And there you have it. Shorthand for making millions - and creating world peace.


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