Thursday, September 18, 2008

Focus and Concentration - winners' skills

Focus and Concentration - The Skill-Set Winners Learn

Look over the Pareto Principle and the Bell Curve. In both cases, you'll find that a minority are affecting the majority. Roughly 10-20% of any population is creating the bulk of the production or creating the bulk of the problems.

Further, many police officers have confronted the fact that the bulk of their crimes are committed by a handful of citizens. When they concentrate on corralling, or monitoring the specific areas where those citizens are located (or frequent), they can minimize crime for the much larger population.

The bulk of the wealth (and jobs) are created by a small handful of individuals - who get others involved in their ideas. It's a little-known or advertised secret that roughly 1-3% of the people in any nation or area control around 95% of the wealth in that area.


What makes the very rich rich and keep the very poor poor? How do some people live their lives without any problem with the law and others constantly run afoul of it?

The answer is the same:

Focus and Concentration

Which really mean the same thing.

Focus and concentration are skill-sets. They are learned through disciplined study. What goes for ADD is more probably a poorly educated mind - never trained in the finite disciplines of selecting a goal and devoting the vast resources any person has to accomplishing it.

Look up the life of Edison, of Tesla, of Bill Gates, of Warren Buffet, of any of the incredible geniuses and tycoons we've ever had on this planet. They all learned and developed their skills of concentration - the discipline of developing their own vision and devotion to it.

Perhaps the keynote study of this was done by Napoleon Hill - who took over 20 years and interviewed over 500 successful individuals to derive a simple, common sense system of personal achievement and success. His system was laid out originally in his 16-volume "Law of Success" and later a 13-step perennial bestseller, "Think and Grow Rich."

You'll find what he has to say about focus/concentration and success in the 2nd chapter of that last book.

Basically - you have to have a "burning desire" to succeed.

What is that? Focus on a self-determined goal or vision. Daily and weekly concentration on exactly what you want to achieve in life, casting out everything else as distractive.

Many, many other authors have found this same point to be basic to anyone's success. As I can make time for it, I'll edit a book for you with these excerpts. The interesting point is that these different authors also give various techniques and examples of how to increase your concentration.

In addition to either Hill book above, I'd also recommend Charles Haanel's "Master Key System" - which gives a 24-lesson course with specific exercises to improve your mental ability to concentrate, among other things.

(And while many artists - and art professors - will tell you that you have to be 'open to intuitive insight', that muse in your life, when you look up really productive artists you'll find them to be intensely concentrated on routine production of high-quality works. So it's probable that the artist with a trained focus is more able to tap into their 'muse' than the lackadaisical approach our universities recommend.)

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