Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Global Recession for everyone else - not just U.S.

How about a Global Recession - and I thought our press was bad... Come on, folks, read Napoleon Hill and get your head straight - at least this author is planning to make some money off this book. I should start one with "Beat the 2009 Recession" since doom and gloom tend to hang around for a bit...

From this page: "AS THE global recession starts to bite, an increasing number of self-help tomes have started to appear on the shelves of book shops, aiming to equip businesses and their managers with the tools to weather the economic downturn."
clipped from www.irishtimes.com

One such book,
Beat the 2008 Recession: A Blueprint for Business Survival provides 176 recommendations to help small business owners recession proof their businesses.

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