Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Weak Tie and Strong Tie Networking - Social Media Uses

How to profit from both Weak and Strong Tie Networking - uses for Social Media

Here's some data I've not found anywhere else. I first ran into this reference through the One-Minute Millionaire ebook by Mark Victor Hansen and Robert Allen.

In that book they discuss the "weak tie". Now, I figured various things about this, but finally a comparative from another source came up. This fellow was talking (podcast) about how to develop a real, working network through Social Media contacts. And he made a lot of sense.

That's the "Strong Tie" - where you develop real business relationships out of mutual respect and benefit. Joint Ventures are an example - and a result.

The "Weak Tie" best example I've seen so far is when you have their email address and can send them regular notices about sales and whatnot. They stay on your list because you send them continually quality stuff. That's the trust relationship you have, but it isn't particularly a strong one - and you can relate to them because of their trust in you. Here's where you cover the mailing lists and autoresponder series.

Obviously, in the Strong Tie, you'd have mutual trust and a great deal of closer interaction. This is where the Master Mind comes in - what Napoleon Hill talks about in both "Think and Grow Rich" and "Law of Success".

The trick is to do both and know when you're doing what. Build weak ties all over the place and help them as much as you can. Build your strong ties into your mastermind group and assist them with their vision as they do yours.

Some of your weak ties may become strong ties.

Simple really - but I don't know anywhere else that this is explained, so I just did.


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