Thursday, September 11, 2008

16 steps 3&4 notes

Set up for second installment. Sam promises this to be shorter. Got PDF earlier this time.

Starts with an overview of the first session.

I'll start noting what isn't in the handout:

Says ezinearticles is still a very hot property. (and so the relevance of putting articles into the handful of top article directories instead or in addition to the top 100 or so.)

Web 2.0 is loved by search engines and recommendations by friends are key - by survey. (Another aspect of this survey is that this augments existing networks and friends, not meeting new ones. So Internet has become extension of G.O.B networks.)

Social media builds on recommendations - extension of word of mouth.

Jack Humphreys now getting most of his traffic from social media and cares little for what the search engines do.

Can't market to social media directly (become a trusted authority and then get people to your site to monetize them.)

Long quote from Heflin.

Reach is about meaningful relationship.

Sam throws people off his list (emails) if they aren't giving value. (Note to marketers - this is the complaint of mine - guys who only joint venture and give no real data.)

RSS feeders give you the data with no junk - built in filter. You should track your niche for 3 months. (Trick is finding good RSS feeds for your stuff.)

Themezoom Pyramid of Promotion - (really a list of stuff you can do to promote your stuff and start marketing it). (I really disagree with their pyramid if it's giving values to these.) - instant demographics for a site. Look at top competitors in your market.

(I'm really going from how to monetize what I've already been doing - or increase the amount of money I've been making.)

(shorter session today - Tgod)

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