Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Another novella complete - next stage.

Well, it's over. Did the National Novel Writing Month thing.

Problem was, my novel wrapped up before the wordage limit was reached. I also joined the National Blog Posting Month site - but that was really too easy. Just post a bunch of stuff in advance and spread it out over a month. Heck, I'll post 5-6 or more per day, so someone who's got over-verbose fingers like me doesn't have a challenge there.

So I missed the target by about 6K words. That's a couple of days of writing, but when it's done, you just move on, right?

If you want to check out a modern, New Age novella about the alternate realities of dreams and dream influencing, then go see http://funny-enlightenment.blogspot.com/ and knock yourself out.

Meanwhile, I'm back to my other stuff, now that this is out of my system.

(For the record, it was started on the 1st and now it's the 9th - so about 10 days, averaging nearly 5K words a day - more toward the last of it.)

Luck to us all - now I'm going to clean things up a bit and get back to my cartoons.


PS. Might set this up for publishing along with my 2006 NaNoWriMo novel. Yes, stay tuned, it will be published on Lulu (http://stores.lulu.com/robertworstell/).

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sunday, October 17, 2010

New Replacement for Wordpress

Update: going live with new replacement for wordpress.

blogger is a good replacment for Wordpress - doesn't crash your server.


Well, several - actually.

While this is very experimental at it's extreme ends, the key point is that Blogger not only allows you to have their blog with your domain, they allow you to take an existing domain and plug any number of Blogger blogs in as a subdomain (via CNAME).

As you tie this into Google+ pages, you then get a very nice recurring interaction which can improve your SEO markedly.

Add in Zemanta, and you have a great interlocking personal 'net of blogs which all begin direct-linking and making them look all authoritative and stuff - depending on if you silo your content and use semantic theming (just to toss in some geek-talk.)

The experimental line is in setting up several blogger blogs on the same template and navigation, so they appear to actually be one site.  Tricky in the details, but pretty simple to execute, actually. (This site is an example now.)

So I finally - years later - have a decent replacement for Wordpress, with potentially even greater SEO.

Good Hunting to us all!

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Just working on another book. Hoping to get it done before I get deluged with more sites to webdesign. Another few pages to go.

Modern Entertainment hasn't changed.

The banker, the lawyer, and the politician are still our best bets for a laugh. Audiences haven't changed at all, and neither have these three professions. Will Rogers - August 11, 1935

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

How Video Traps are Being Used to Get Your Money

There is a repeating marketing ploy being used to part you from your money.

photo: Wendy Seltzer
Of course, you think you are too smart for this. You've been around the pike and done all these things, so it's hard to get fooled and you are on the look-out anyway.

OK, that may all be true.

But remember, I wrote the book about how to Get Your Self Scam Free, so I know a few things about this.

It's the videos.

Video's are being used like those overlong, high-pressure sales pitches that telemarketers use.

You really can't go back through them and listen to them over and over. You can't just look at the key parts and then work it all out for yourself.

And these videos suck bandwidth - so you have considerable investment in them.  They need to be right, so you tend to believe them in spite of your best ideas.

I've seen several of these recently, and the only thing which differs is that now days they are hyping high-priced packages. All the sales pitch is the same - but they just use overlong video's instead of overlong sales pages.

They get you to opt-in and then send you all sorts of disrelated offers, hoping you'll buy in.

Look, the guy who really has something will give it to you in several forms. Because it's more important for them to simply help you find this system than it is for them to personally get anything out of it. If you look through history, you'll find this is true for all the great businesses which started as well as the great movements.

Where people set something up which is limited, they have no real lasting effect.

So ignore the overlong video pages, unless they also offer a nice website with data, downloadable PDF's and Excel sheets you can use as well as powerpoints that you can review in your spare time.

And especially be wary of people who show you a check or bank statement right off the bat.  They are after people who are more interested in money than anything else. They think credibility is showing how much they conned people out of.

Sorry. What's credible is how I or you can put it to use for ourselves and prove it with our own business. Not a bunch of hokey, made-up "testimonials" with pictures of people gotten from god-knows-where.

It's how you can put it to use.

Here's a test. Pass right by the opening video's and see if they give you anything you can download or site you can visit. This should be within the first three mailings you get. If all those sites are just opt-in's, you know they are just scammers and make their money from affiliate-sales, not any valuable breakthrough they personally have created.

If they don't, opt-out. Spend your time finding out of print classics like Earl Prevette - and know that people who want to help you improve your own sales expertise are there to help you, not their own bank account.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mexico Goat faces Auction, Late Night Talk Show Hosts...

Mexico's latest celebrity - with more Facebook fans than residents in Mexico - is due to be auctioned tomorrow, about 19 hours from now (and counting). He's been in a secret location (allegedly borrowed from Dick Cheney) until then, as there were threats of "busting him out" ahead of time.

But the Goat has kept his sense of humor, since the mini-goats and comedy hosts keep him laughing. http://bit.ly/9niWlu
- - - -

The auction is already on!! Everyone is excited to get a chance to bid on Billy next Thursday Sept. 9th! All proceeds are going to a great cause, Mexico Animal Shelter.

Come on people of Mexico, make sure The Mexico Goat stays in our local area. Come next week and bid to show your support!

Busy getting the word out about #mexicogoat auction in less than 19 hours from now. See his facebook page for details http://bit.ly/9niWlu

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Support Term Limits: Vote

I'd support voting every mother-loving one of them out of office if we could.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Personal Religious Beliefs

1. Creative thought is senior to everything else. This is why God and religious belief (not Religion) trumps everything else. This all had to be put here first. “In the beginning…”

2. Personal power of choice. This is akin to creation, but not necessarily of that magnitude.

3. Natural law. Occasionally “bent” by miracles, otherwise, pretty much consistent all over the place.

4. Governmental laws and rules. Petty, shifting, convoluted, conveniences. No real religious belief takes these seriously. Neither should any person with religious convictions based on Natural or Divine law.

- - - -

Everyone should post their own religious beliefs page and stick to it.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Teddy says: Just Be.

Try this to get more peace into your life - just be...

Heckuva Job, Barry!

Give the President a warm fuzzy feeling and improve his approval...

Monday, July 26, 2010

Affiliate Marketing Blueprint

The reality of Affiliate marketing is quite simple. And I lay it out in the link for this article.

Now I'd do it a little differently these days, since I've found more tools.

The blueprint for this is just a few steps:
  1. Do your research and discover a long-tail niche that is underserved. Find the keywords with high KEI and low R/S ratios with a product that is in demand.
  2. Out of that homework, research for the data you need to write a half-dozen good articles. If you already have PLR on this, that's even better - but they'll still need to be re-written so it sounds like you and not a translated version.
  3. Get a CMS to set up a mini-website just with that original content. Link this up properly to your affiliate site and have scattered internal linking so that the viewer is invited (along with search engines) to check out the other pages on that site.  This can be a subdomain or subdirectory on a hosted site (not a free web host, as these can disappear.) Make sure you plug-in analytics to this before you leave it.
  4. Now spin those articles into several versions and post them to the main article directories which actually do send traffic. Set up your system for this so you can repeat this process.
  5. Set up Hub pages, Squidoo, and half-a-dozen or more high-SERP sites with variations of those articles and linking back to your main site again.
  6. Also from that homework above, get out and contact the relevant blogs which have conversations going about this subject area. Make sure you can leave your website address at each one - and leave deep-linked pages, not necessarily the front page.
That's the essence of it.

Now, you can pretty this up by putting all your content into video's and post these, then embed them into your pages at #3. Then come back and link them into your remote hubs at #5. Some article sites will also accept video's.  And you can go find other video's on YouTube and others to leave your video as a response - where it's appropriate.

Just make sure your posted videos always links back to your main site. 

Your squidoo and hub pages can also have videos, which makes them more interesting - and gives you traffic to your video pages as well.

A follow-up would also be to then take that site and make it into an ebook (pdf is best) to give away on your site for an opt-in gift, and then also post that on the various doc-storage sites as a paid download.

Affiliate marketing is actually rather easy. And you just keep repeating the above for each niche you find, testing and tweaking to improve the results according to what your analytics say.

The only secret in this is how long it takes someone to find out about how to do it. But right now, it's a piece of cake - other than in how long it takes to do all of the above thoroughly and get your actual results.

The theory and reality of remote blogs

803492184_53354026c5Remote blogs aren’t worth it for most people.

Remote blogs are blogs hosted by another company for free – to you at least. Most are advertiser-revenue-driven.

The majority of people really just want to vent and play around with whatever they are interested in at the moment. This is why Facebook has taken off so well. Hobby-minded people love it.

Professionals who want to make a living online are interested in getting the top spots of the SERPs because that is a simple way to get traffic. 80-90% of the SE traffic from Google comes from the first and second pages.

So the use of setting up remote blogs is similar to article directories – backlinks and potential traffic for your main site (which needs to be an SEO-optimized CMS.)

However, out of the minority who would go this route, few want to have to log in and out of these remote blogs and keep them current pm a regular basis in order to keep them all on top of the rankings.

It means you have to join the elite few who can produce tons of content every week. The more blogs you maintain, the more content you have to produce.

The workaround is possibly to treat them as article directories and spin your single post into several.

Now, when you have multiple blogs on the same host, you have to ensure you don’t have duplicate content on that server. So you have to be able to “theme” each blog on that server to have it’s own material. (Which is fine if you are pushing several product lines.)

Otherwise, you can post the same stuff on several different blogs, but don’t expect anything but “supplementary result” vacuum. And no traffic, but you might get some incoming links.

Spinning your content is the only way to do this. And you will have to figure out how to also get your content posted to all these blogs.

There are workarounds for this as well, but I’ve given enough clues already in this blog post. As well you have security issues on all these blogs just to avoid them looking like spam blogs (splogs).

I do have to keep an eye out for the blackhats (who already spam my comment boxes already.)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Freedom Lessons for Free

Life is simple - unless you've bought into the ideas advertising and politicians have told us all our lives. Freedom is naturally yours. Claim it

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Anti-matter Politics

From http://survivingtheworld.net/Lesson664.html - might have relevance in our politically correct environments

Monday, June 14, 2010


The simplest solutions are often the cleverest. They are also usually wrong

Friday, June 11, 2010

Obama admits his ass is first to kick

Jon Stewart points out that his May press conference put his own butt on the line as "responsible."

Oil Spill Experts Reveal to Obama “Whose Ass to Kick”

President Obama, after extensive interviews of experts about the Gulf Oil spill, finally discovers "whose ass to kick." http://www.scrappleface.com/?p=4671

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Freedom Is - Lesson12 - Bonus Resources

Now you've finished all the lessons and are well on your way to the Freedom you've always had, but didn't know how to let show up in your life. This lesson gives you a simple summary of the Levenson releasing technique - all in one place for reference.

Freedom Is - Lesson11 - Summary and Action Steps

Now you know everything you need to regain your freedom. If you've been doing these lessons every week, you are well on your way. Here's a rundown of logical steps you can take to regain your Freedom, Happiness, and Peace quickly...

Freedom Is - Lesson10 - Finding the Freedom Within

Your Freedom is already within you. The trick is letting it out. And it's only kept down by the other counter-programs (called thoughts, feelings, and desires) which you've collected just for that purpose. There is a simple method to release these...

Freedom Is - Lesson09 - Your World Created

The world is just as you create it. So anything you are missing has to be something you changed so it wouldn't show up. Freedom, Happiness, and Peace are native to you - it's only the counter-thoughts, feelings, and desires which keep them from showing up...

Freedom Is - Lesson08 - What This Means

The process of getting your native Freedom back can mean a lot more than it sounds. What you've learned by this time, the tools you now know, will start also returning some basic Happiness, Joy, and personal Peace you may have been missing...

Freedom Is - Lesson07 - Releasing Freedom

There is a relatively unknown method of being able to release the Freedom that is native to you. All you have to do is get rid of the cross-programs you've accepted that keep you from being your self...

Freedom Is - Lesson06 - Serge Kahili King

Dr. King is one of the most well-known Huna teachers on this planet. And in his essay on the 7 principles of Huna, he gives key data you should know to get your own Freedom showing up in your life immediately...

Freedom Is - Lesson05 - Earl Nightingale

Earl Nightingale did more for the world by telling it's "Strangest Secret" - he also told other secrets in that recording, which give you some of the vital clues you need to know in order to get all the Freedom, Happiness, and Peace you could ever want...

Freedom Is - Lesson04 - Wallace Wattles

Wattles' "Science of Getting Rich" is much more than how to gain your fortune - it tells how to get abundance in every part of your life. It's also a key description of how to regain your freedom, happiness, and peace of mind...

Freedom Is - Lesson02 - Napoleon Hill

Napoleon Hill is one of the most renown and effective self-help authors based on his "Think and Grow Rich". Here, we examine the key principles he used to help people find their own Freedom - something we've had all along...

Freedom Is - Lesson03 - Charles Haanel

Haanel is known for his Master Key System, which is essentially a blueprint for how the physical universe operates. Find out how this can help you get your Freedom...

Freedom Is - Forward and Introduction

All the Freedom, Happiness, and Peace you could ever want is already within you. The trick is to know how to let it show up in your life.

Freedom Is - Lesson01- Dale Carnegie

Dale Carnegie has influenced perhaps more people than any other self-help author. His basic principles influence self-esteem and are the basic first step to finding all the Freedom you could possibly ever want.

More noise and silliness. One report says both the CEO BP and Goldman-Sachs did a major sell-off of stock just before the Gulf Rig explosion...

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Michelle's nightmare: unfortunately placed ads

Reason Steele distancing self from expense account

The Problem with Socialism is....

... that you eventually run out of other peoples money! http://www.flickr.com/photos/sully_aka__wstera2/

Liberals: Constitution a Living Breathing Document

wstera2 - http://www.flickr.com/photos/sully_aka__wstera2/

If You think Healthcare is Expensive Now!

The Debt Star - not the hope you are looking for

wstera2 - http://www.flickr.com/photos/sully_aka__wstera2/

Don't Ask Don't Tell in El Paso

Nevada Tumbleweed http://www.flickr.com/photos/us_army_rolling_along/

Change we didnt' really need...

by Nevada Tumbleweed http://www.flickr.com/photos/us_army_rolling_along/

Busted - lack of credentials

Nevada Tumbleweed - http://www.flickr.com/photos/us_army_rolling_along/

How much to remove my Obama bumpersticker

Nevada Tumbleweed: http://www.flickr.com/photos/us_army_rolling_along/

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Splogs, Robo-blogs, and Article Directories - pick your poison

The question was raised recently about one of the remote blogs I was operating. The reader said it might be a robo-blog, but wondered, since the quality of the posts was very high.

And that is really what the difference between a splog, a robo-blog, and a remote blog is: quality of content.

Splogs are spam blogs and simply put the same content out over and over. 

Robo-blogs are low-quality posts which are not identical to other blogs, but are only modified enough to "fool" the search engines. (Which are noone's fools and actually penalize such blogs the same.)

True remote blogs contribute to the community they are found in and are nearly indistinguishable from other main or principle blogs they link to and support.

The trick is how to pull this off. You don't want to spend  your life creating original content for all these blogs. Or simply make too-numerous alterations so that each post appears "original".

There are several points to approach this with:
  1. Use a high-quality article spinner to turn out alternate renditions of each major blog post from your main blog.
  2. Create personal pages on each remote blogs and identities (aliases) which show real care.
  3. Keep each remote blog specific to a single line of content and not a lot of disrelated posts for various affiliate products. 
  4. Ensure each remote blog also links out to relevant content across the blogsphere and the web to assist others with their own rankings - paying it forward in advance, providing service just as your "main" blog does.
  5. Get a post creation and tracking system which won't kill you off from tedious over-work.
And since the get-rich-quick guys won't do all the hard, detailed work above, they only creat splogs - or at best, robo-blogs.

The overall point is to create versions of posts, and treat each remote blog as you would an article directory. But unless you want to create an article directory from a blog (and this is possible with self-hosted Wordpress now) you want to keep to a single, defined category of interest so that your remote blog becomes another trusted authority to the search engines - and even competes with your main blog. (I've seen some of my remote blogs rank higher than my main blog at times - which is fine, since it also links to any affiliate product I'm supporting, and my own book sales.)

Essentially, then, you are just continuing the "conversation domination" techniques. The same as if you created Weebly sites, Squidoo lenses, or post your blog articles to Zimbio, post presentations of that same material to Slideshare, record podcasts and host on Archive.org, or make videos and post through Tube Mogul or PixelPipe.

But if you try to take the quick route - you wind up penalizing your main blog and wiping out its standings.

Your choice of poison.

- - - -

Oh - you might have seen that if you take our excellent content and have a quality article spinner to run it through, you can also post it to numerous article directories - or unique versions of it, any way. Write once, publish many times and ways... Check out your blog production flow and see if this might not make it more efficient.

Monday, March 8, 2010

SOHO Man - Small Business Blog: How to Use Google Queries to Find Backlink-Friendly Sites

Thought you'd like this one: How to simply and easily find places on the Internet who actually want you to add an incoming link to your site. Like even Squidoo...

Another trick involves Squidoo.com and their system of establishing lists. Go to Google and do this search:

“add+to+this+list”+”keyword phrase”+site:squidoo.com

This search query will pull up a list of Squidoo.com pages (many with good pageranks) that allow you to add your site to their list, and, in many cases, even choose your own link text.

SOHO Man - Small Business Blog: How to Use Google Queries to Find Backlink-Friendly Sites

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Getting a Blogroll from Blog Desk to Blogger to Wordpress

Situation: Had a ton of links and blogs but didn't want to spend the time laboriously copy/pasting them into Wordpress.

Before, the solution was to create a page full of links when I was reviving an old wordpress blog I'd exported.

Did some homework this time.

Found a nice how-to over at Blogger-in-Draft, which tells you how to get them exported out of Google Reader.

So a simple work-around was to open each one of them up in Firefox, then subscribe to the feed in Google Reader. That way, I had all my feeds in one place.

Then I followed their instructions and had this nice OPML file which imported just dandy.

Trouble was - it sent everyone to my shared Google Reader folder where the RSS feeds were kept.

I wanted to actually give hard links on the other site pages so that the Search Engines would share the link love.

So: more research.

Found this nice on-page script that ran just great in order to turn HTML to OPML. Because was was interesting is that this list showed up as links in html, but would send the browser over to Google Reader instead. Well, at least one version I found after I'd imported it into WP.

Solution: This meant I scraped the page of links and then pasted it into a new OpenOffice HTML document, saved it and viewed the source.

Pasting this source into that last linked script gave me a workable blogroll (finally.)

But it's great to be able to take 35 links at one pop and import them back into all those blogs so they could share the wealth with each other. One quick import and I was done.

  1. Subscribe to all the RSS feeds through Firefox.
  2. Convert your Google Reader feeds to OPML.
  3. Import once into a WP blog.
  4. Scrape this and paste into OpenOffice to get an HTML doc.
  5. Convert HTML doc to OPML and test import. (Tweak in text editor to taste.)
  6. Import into all the WP blogs you want to, via their Import function (under Tools in 2.9)

And having gone through that, I'm sharing it with you.

Friday, February 12, 2010

How Grass Fed Cows Could Save the Planet

Cattle on this Hardwick, Mass., farm grow not on feedlots but in pastures, where their grazing helps keep carbon dioxide in the ground Read more: http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,1953692,00.html#ixzz0fK7vpYY8

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Watch out for "obesogens" - Stick to grass-fed beef and know where it came from... "It used to be that diets meant cutting down on the fat and calories, more exercise, more fish in the diet, more fruits and vegetables. That was a healthy diet 50 years ago. Has human anatomy changed? No, but food has changed a lot. Foods that were healthy 50 years ago may not necessarily be healthy in 2010. Today, according to Stephen Perrine, author of "New American Diet," we have all sorts of chemicals in our foods, pesticides, growth hormones, antibiotics, and plastic pollutants, to name a few. He says they aren't good for the environment, they aren't good for our bodies, and they also cause you to be overweight. "

Saturday, January 23, 2010

How to Get Rich

Nearly everyone wants to get rich, to have abundance, to enjoy prosperity in their lives.

There are only a few basic steps you have to take in order to get whatever riches you want in your life:

1. Learn, study, apply.

2. We are all connected. Lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way.

3. Know what a scam is.

This video goes over these three steps in more detail.


Friday, January 22, 2010

Recession-proof your life - Bonus Lesson 08

When you know how to get your self scam free, you also are able to master these recessions we have. Because they are basically caused by scammers. Get your freedom back...

Living a scam free life - Summary Lesson 07

And a summary of these Get Your Self Scam-Free lessons. Scammers have no effect on you as you apply what you've learned here - no matter how good their pitch is...

Recipe to get yourself scam free - Lesson 06

Here's a simple recipe to get yourself scam free. Just a couple of steps to take which will move you completely beyond any scammer's clutches as they seek your wallet...

One-Word Formula to stop telemarketers - Lesson 05

Here's a simple one-word formula to drop your telemarketers by about 90%. It's an easy way to get your freedom back from scammers with their "business opportunities"...

How your basic desires get you scammed. Lesson 04

While Lester Levenson was sent home to die at age 42, he instead devoted his "last" days to solving the mystery of his own life. He discovered we have basically just 3 basic desires.

And the method he developed to defuse these will enable you to never be scammed again.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What you want and how telemarketers make you want it - Lesson 03

Telemarketers use your own urges against you...

Maslow's work explains Cialdini's later research, and why telemarketer sales
work at all.

Comparing Maslow to Cialdini, you can see that while some have
used Cialdini to just pick the key points to use in triggering their sales, with
Maslow's theory as a base, you can also identify your customer and see what
they are most likely to want next. However, most telemarketers are
operating on the law of averages and only 1) want to make their sale, and 2)
resell your name and number to another telemarketer.

How to Quit Being a Patsy - Lesson 02

To get yourself scam-free, you have to first quit being a patsy. . .

A patsy, a chump, a dupe, a target, a victim – - you know, one of those guys with a big target on their back which says “kick me”. . .

We’re all that way a little bit. Even Professor Robert Cialdini, author of the book “Influence” says he’s one in the opening line. But after 15 years of research, he came up with an incredible book which is still being circulated and brought out in new editions with updates. I got a copy of his fourth edition after I read where a scammer said he had the reasons people will buy whatever you have to sell.

6 rules to get rich without scams

Only 6 rules govern the scammer universe. Understand these and get scam free in your life.