Monday, July 26, 2010

The theory and reality of remote blogs

803492184_53354026c5Remote blogs aren’t worth it for most people.

Remote blogs are blogs hosted by another company for free – to you at least. Most are advertiser-revenue-driven.

The majority of people really just want to vent and play around with whatever they are interested in at the moment. This is why Facebook has taken off so well. Hobby-minded people love it.

Professionals who want to make a living online are interested in getting the top spots of the SERPs because that is a simple way to get traffic. 80-90% of the SE traffic from Google comes from the first and second pages.

So the use of setting up remote blogs is similar to article directories – backlinks and potential traffic for your main site (which needs to be an SEO-optimized CMS.)

However, out of the minority who would go this route, few want to have to log in and out of these remote blogs and keep them current pm a regular basis in order to keep them all on top of the rankings.

It means you have to join the elite few who can produce tons of content every week. The more blogs you maintain, the more content you have to produce.

The workaround is possibly to treat them as article directories and spin your single post into several.

Now, when you have multiple blogs on the same host, you have to ensure you don’t have duplicate content on that server. So you have to be able to “theme” each blog on that server to have it’s own material. (Which is fine if you are pushing several product lines.)

Otherwise, you can post the same stuff on several different blogs, but don’t expect anything but “supplementary result” vacuum. And no traffic, but you might get some incoming links.

Spinning your content is the only way to do this. And you will have to figure out how to also get your content posted to all these blogs.

There are workarounds for this as well, but I’ve given enough clues already in this blog post. As well you have security issues on all these blogs just to avoid them looking like spam blogs (splogs).

I do have to keep an eye out for the blackhats (who already spam my comment boxes already.)

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