Sunday, February 13, 2011

The hype of Affilate Marketing can grow on you - in time...

Ya gotta love Hype to do Affiliate Marketing

Just got an inflated email today from Andrew Trister - Coffee Shop Millionaire founder.

And the point was to get affiliates excited. He says so in his video's inside the site. You want affiliate marketers heavily pushing their lists on your behalf.

He gave away some "cool" prizes to the top three affiliates. Of course, with my list, I'm nowhere near that. But the value here, and why I'm blogging, is study and learn from these materials.

My warning to you is to get your self scam free before you get into this. You can then go into this with both eyes wide open. And the fact that you're getting hyped doesn't bother you so much.

The inspiration for this post was simply that he through out some figures which didn't add up. The link to the blog which was getting all that response was simply a squeeze page to get affiliates to sign up to his list.

A search on Google did show up a blog on his domain - but it had only four posts and no comments.

But I'm not blaming Andrew for stretching the facts. As you watch his videos (and there's a ton of them on his Coffee Shop Millionaire site) you'll see exactly where he's coming from. That's the way he's wired and the Kool-Aid he's drinking. The nature of the beast, as it were.

I'm a believer in Honest Internet Marketing, however. That's why I took an 800-page book filled with PLR and re-wrote it from the bottom up into what I called "The Online Sunshine Plan" - to throw some light on the truths behind what marketing is, whether it's online or not.

Sure, it's relatively easy money to get a list of buyers and keep putting offers in front of them. And I could diverge here to say that this is exactly what lead-generation companies do. In fact, I found that my name was recently being sold all over again, some 3 years after I got scammed by them. (One reason I got onto an unlisted, throw-away cel.)

Your list is actually a reflection of your community. The people there are real and actual. They have jobs, they have lives to lead, they have families and homes.
And remember that Golden Rule: what you send out is right now coming back to you. It might be delayed, but as you hype, you are going to get hyped. If you rip off, you are going to get ripped off. But - as you deliver incredible value, then you'll recieve this in return.

One caveat that came up in the videos was that it's OK to do "aggressive" marketing if your value is way higher than what they pay, well - the ends justify the means.

I say, No. That's not the way to do it. People can look up what you say on the web now and verify everything. (This is making career politicians a dying breed.) The real scene you have to deal with is your own life. As you give, you'll get back - in spades.
You can make money online with Coffee Shop Millionaire videos. That's the difference between me and Andrew Trister.

Now, I still say you should sign up for this product if you get someone promoting it to you (like this link - Click Here). Because I've signed up for it and I consider that abour 4 dozen videos which can actually help you improve your life are quite worth it. There's tons more value than you would pay for otherwise.

Consider if you put all these onto DVD's how much space it would take. Then how much you would have to pay for the packaging and shipping to get those to you. Just invest the bandwidth and download them to your drive in some way you can then study them. And then do study them.

For the price he's currently asking, it's way more valuable than most "make money online" study systems out there. IMHO, anyway.

PS. A more complete rundown of all this is over at Visit today!

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