Sunday, October 17, 2010

New Replacement for Wordpress

Update: going live with new replacement for wordpress.

blogger is a good replacment for Wordpress - doesn't crash your server.


Well, several - actually.

While this is very experimental at it's extreme ends, the key point is that Blogger not only allows you to have their blog with your domain, they allow you to take an existing domain and plug any number of Blogger blogs in as a subdomain (via CNAME).

As you tie this into Google+ pages, you then get a very nice recurring interaction which can improve your SEO markedly.

Add in Zemanta, and you have a great interlocking personal 'net of blogs which all begin direct-linking and making them look all authoritative and stuff - depending on if you silo your content and use semantic theming (just to toss in some geek-talk.)

The experimental line is in setting up several blogger blogs on the same template and navigation, so they appear to actually be one site.  Tricky in the details, but pretty simple to execute, actually. (This site is an example now.)

So I finally - years later - have a decent replacement for Wordpress, with potentially even greater SEO.

Good Hunting to us all!

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