Wednesday, September 15, 2010

How Video Traps are Being Used to Get Your Money

There is a repeating marketing ploy being used to part you from your money.

photo: Wendy Seltzer
Of course, you think you are too smart for this. You've been around the pike and done all these things, so it's hard to get fooled and you are on the look-out anyway.

OK, that may all be true.

But remember, I wrote the book about how to Get Your Self Scam Free, so I know a few things about this.

It's the videos.

Video's are being used like those overlong, high-pressure sales pitches that telemarketers use.

You really can't go back through them and listen to them over and over. You can't just look at the key parts and then work it all out for yourself.

And these videos suck bandwidth - so you have considerable investment in them.  They need to be right, so you tend to believe them in spite of your best ideas.

I've seen several of these recently, and the only thing which differs is that now days they are hyping high-priced packages. All the sales pitch is the same - but they just use overlong video's instead of overlong sales pages.

They get you to opt-in and then send you all sorts of disrelated offers, hoping you'll buy in.

Look, the guy who really has something will give it to you in several forms. Because it's more important for them to simply help you find this system than it is for them to personally get anything out of it. If you look through history, you'll find this is true for all the great businesses which started as well as the great movements.

Where people set something up which is limited, they have no real lasting effect.

So ignore the overlong video pages, unless they also offer a nice website with data, downloadable PDF's and Excel sheets you can use as well as powerpoints that you can review in your spare time.

And especially be wary of people who show you a check or bank statement right off the bat.  They are after people who are more interested in money than anything else. They think credibility is showing how much they conned people out of.

Sorry. What's credible is how I or you can put it to use for ourselves and prove it with our own business. Not a bunch of hokey, made-up "testimonials" with pictures of people gotten from god-knows-where.

It's how you can put it to use.

Here's a test. Pass right by the opening video's and see if they give you anything you can download or site you can visit. This should be within the first three mailings you get. If all those sites are just opt-in's, you know they are just scammers and make their money from affiliate-sales, not any valuable breakthrough they personally have created.

If they don't, opt-out. Spend your time finding out of print classics like Earl Prevette - and know that people who want to help you improve your own sales expertise are there to help you, not their own bank account.

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