Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Green Bandwidth - (Your green-backs) Piggyback on others' sites

Parasite Piggyback Traffic | Netpreneur News:
"There are many, many sites you can be a parasite on. In fact, any site that will host your pages. Here’s some popular ones:


Done this for years. I don't call it "parasite" since you are giving them the service of providing content.

But I've learned to have the main, long post on your own site and post-point from these others to your site-blog-content.

What is needed is to check Alexa for each of these to see what they actually get as traffic - and what they can send to you. My Blogger posts show up on Google pretty fast; I don't know about these others. Time to brush off my old Geocities sites and see if they are still there...

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