Thursday, March 6, 2008

Clues to Social Media Marketing

Here's the clue to marketing via social media:

Social media can help increase awareness by:

a. generating links to content, and typically the more links, and the more links from authority sites, the more people view the linked to author’s content as authoritative. At the same time, increased links lead to increased positioning in Google, Yahoo, and MSN, and many people take high rankings in search engines to mean that the omnipotent Google itself has decided that the site is an authority. Don’t underestimate this ‘omnipotence power’! Search has higher conversion rates than most other media, which means it is viewed less as advertising and more as trusted referrals.

b. helping forge more online friends through outright networking, than necessarily via content. Once again, the more friends/fans someone has, the more they are viewed as an authority, and the more likely they are to have others view their work and musings as authoritative.
Using Social Media to Build Authority

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