Monday, March 24, 2008

How to publish your work - and why we're here...

These plethora of niches, what do they tell us? Of the "many paths up the mountain", you won't know other paths unless you sample them, they won't know of your successes unless you publish broadly and through several venues.

My current ways to post:

Text - for my own use.
Blog - for other subscribers (and I maintain a separate blog for each type of message depending on relative content.)
Static mini-web -
Press release -
Slidecast - much wider approach, and picked up by search engines extremely rapidly
Stumbleupon / social media - much, much, wider way of telling people about something
Video - a pretty saturated medium, but again - wide in ability to let people know

(My blogs all send emails to my gmail account, where they are automatically archived and able to be searched through Desktop Search - so I can find anything I've written. Nice for research, as long as you remember your own keywords...)

Reasons for all this posting? Because others might get some use, some traction, get some lessons from my own learnings.

And I'm here, like the rest of us, to learn and to continue to evolve. But my progress is limited only by how I help others.

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