Monday, March 17, 2008

The real resource to preserve

The one resource you have to preserve and enhance is TIME.

How much are you worth per year, per month, per day, per minute?

You have so much time - only so much time - on this planet. All economics is based on how to get paid more per amount of time you invest in something. Means how much you earn.

I'm from that old Earl Nightingale school where you have to create value in order to earn money. Provide the service first and then your money comes in.

(Marketing is just letting people know your product exists and how good it really is at solving their problems.)

You get paid (as Nightingale points out in his famous recording) as much as you are worth - or as much as you think you're worth. Because your own sense of self-worth is what determines your dollar worth.

Back this us a bit - what keeps you from going for that really great job, the one with the high-priced salary? Whether you think you're worth it.

How about striking out on your own - making your own success from a part-time business?

Don't think you can? There's your failure staring you in the face.

Self Improvement is a category many, many people follow - as it's basic to their survival. And changing your attitude makes a lot of economic sense, doesn't it?

My day job shoved this home to me this weekend. People trying to do an honest day's work and get paid for it - yet some bean-counters in the office with too much time on their hands raising a stink about whether your time was all "accounted for"... Meaning: Why am I still at that job?

Answer is to redouble my efforts to get my "own time" job to get going, making money hand over fist.

Because the money I earn is dependent on what I think I deserve.

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