Sunday, March 9, 2008

SexySEO tells you how to behave yourself...

Blogiquette? Social Media Manners?

Regardless, this sexy SEOer put this quite nicely and is worth repeating and reposting. (And, as a male, I'd love to have her photo as a background on my computer if it wouldn't offend my co-workers...) But then, that's my genes, not how I generally act on the web...

Here are some very simple rules which I think could help you to build a good and strong reputation on the Internet based on much more valuable assets than just your appearance regardless whether you have boobs or otherwise:

* Arrogant
* Annoying
* Detached
* Attention Seeker

* Friendly
* Really interested in people
* Polite (always even if you are very angry)
* Nicer, wiser, kinder, tolerant and patient with everyoneIt is so easy, really!

No one could see your face, you've got plenty of time to think, re-think and think again before you post your message. So show off in full every single good side of you!

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