Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Miss your Niche? Try LSI branding to SEO-theme your website..

Here's why you can expand your niche with a long keyword - and great copy.

Or you can miss your intended rankings entirely.

You see, they've changed the rules somewhat. Pagerank isn't what it used to be.

Search Engines have always been in the Service business. They want to give people what they are looking for. So your copy tells a great deal about what you're talking about - it isn't just optimizing your H1 tags, your title and linking text - although these are still important.

LSI does start to explain why you can have very little competition in title, headings, and links, yet still not take the top spot. You are going to have to do some homework on those top ten sites in order to figure out how to out-LSI them for that niche. Means analyzing their keywords, their meta, and their potential keywords so your copy approaches "Search Engine Zen".

OR - you could simply write your copy and work out the natural keywords and theme you are using, then utilize that keyword to get ranked.

The first geek-approach is more hard work, but will probably keep you in top standings for whatever affiliate product you are promoting. And PPC ads, if you are making money that way.

The second laid-back-approach may not have the big numbers, but will cement you in that niche regardless of the pure "organic" SEO attempts to knock you out.

Practically, if you marry up social media with LSI, you can see why rankings are shifting (subtly) away from pagerank as a sole ingredient in search engine real-estate (above the fold front page - top 5). People are voting and that is where the search engines are going. Pocketbooks rule.

SEO LSI : ecommerce solutions, small business and work from home ecommerce strategies.:

"The LSI enabled search platform is more effective because it does not focus on a bunch of keywords. The best example of this I have seen is when you search for Tiger Woods, the search engine will not look for web pages that use the keywords 'tiger' and 'woods'. It will present a collection of pages that are related to the theme of Golf. This is what is called relevance feedback. i.e. during the past x months most people who searched for 'Tiger Woods' clicked on a link to a 'golf' related web site.

This is where the 'general' opinion of what LSI is goes astray slightly. Many assume it is an algorithm that is bolted on to a search engine. I think it better to think of LSI as a 'concept' and that word is important to remember. If we mentally tie in the phrase ' artificial intelligence' to LSI technology you should begin to see the importance of it."

[This page, BTW, is mostly an overlong article which sells their product. It's not devoid of commercial slant...]

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