Friday, March 7, 2008

What's wrong with these titles?

Basic Priniciple: Headlines have to contain an obvious (if implied) benefit - and the first paragraph needs to explain it and interest the reader enough to keep them reading.

There are some obvious hits and misses on these titles and their subheads.

I was sent this by email from a whitepaper promotion mailing list. You can see right off whether that title is showing any benefits even without knowing what they are talking about. But when their subtitle also misses the mark, you can see that their efforts are wasted, since no one is going to download their whitepaper if they are that obtuse.

AMD/IBM: Blade Center Power Efficiency
Of course it's easy being green--at least, when your processor uses 75% less power while maintaining its speed.

EMC: Distributed Capture Meets Enterprise Capture
Maximize your existing resources to capture, manage and store paper-based content.

Motorola: Good Architecture and Security
They need mobile access. You need to sleep at night. Get what you both want.

IBM/Intel/Novell: Solution for Open Virtualization Helps Provide Server Consolidation
Much better to reduce your server count now, rather than pay to acquire, house, cool and maintain them...only to have to recycle them later.

Ounce Labs: New Application Security Regulations
Build in compliance.

Novell: An Automated Approach to Vista Deployments
Easy there, Junior. This ain't your mommy's or daddy's Windows install.

St. Bernard Software: Hybrid Security Solutions
Take a new approach to meeting the secure content management challenge.

Software AG: Are You Ready to Embrace SOA? Let's Talk!
Step 1: Cut through the BS of SOA.

Apple Music Event 2001 - The First Ever iPod Introduction
A portable handheld device that can hold 1,000 songs? Nah, it'll never fly.

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