Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The continuing slow death of SEO...

And so the reason for SEO dying that slow death. People are still needing search engines for their normal traffic. However, search engines like Google are giving more sway to the social media.

So we then are being lead down a very social trail - by people who know that the search engines can be managed through social channels (and probably sensationalist media which are populist-oriented, however degraded it makes them...Yellow Journalism also had excessive rumors about its death.)

Understand humankind and you will know where all this is leading us. Understand hope and you will find how to solve that puzzle.

The Tiny Linkerati
According to a Pew Internet May 6 study, 49% of the US audience are those that have “few “tech assets” and limited use of technology”. The survey goes on to show how little of the US audience are among the Web 2.0 Internet savvy. They are so little of them. Is it worth the effort on being on Yelp, Twitter, Digg, MySpace etc to appeal to them?

Of Course, It Depends
It is important to understand that you can create online marketing success without getting caught in the buzz about about “influencers” or the Linkerati. It depends what market your client and your customers are in. Of course, innovation carries risk - but this is not to forsake the long-hanging fruit for risk taking and vice-versa. You need both.
SEO is Dead! Where is Your Audience Searching? at Emergence Media

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