Sunday, March 2, 2008

Finding Virus "Sneezers" on the "Net - SEO and Social Bookmarking

OK, search engines as we knew them are a dying dinosaur breed - which explains why Google has such a fondness for social bookmarks.

This blog post also explains why Stumbleupon is popular and a best first choice for anyone getting into social bookmarking and networking.

My happiest point is that it plugs right into Firefox and and be accessed easily. So you can bookmark your own stuff without worrying about "spamming" the system. (My current complain with a particular newsfeed-type bookmarking system is that they tell you right off to not put anything in about yourself...)

But my use of social bookmarking is changing and may in fact change the bulk of what I am doing in SEO - make me more social meanwhile ;)

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I was doing a little article on copywriting and found myself bookmarking several web pages in my own browser. Then it just kind of dawned on me… what would happen if I social bookmarked all these sites? There must be other people interested in the same things as me.

So, I joined StumbleUpon and snagged their toolbar. That way, any time I saw a page I liked, I could bookmark it without having to leave the page and visit the StumbleUpon site.

The result was way cool… 444 unique visitors in less than 48 hours. Yes, there are a lot of people interested in marketing, seo and copywriting, just like me. Within hours, people were visiting and commenting on the sites that I had bookmarked.

I thought that I'd investigate a handful of the 4.5 million StumbleUpon users and ask them a few questions. I discovered that most users are very passionate about the site and log on every single day. I wanted to find out… "Why StumbleUpon?"

Stumbler Jenny S. told me, "The sites you find here are way better than Google because your friends are recommending them. It's easy to find people that like the same types of authors and that means I don't waste time reading things I won't like."

Stumbler Karl B. told me, "I find the best sites that help me in my line of work. It's all sorted and tagged by my colleagues."

And finally Stumbler Danny C. revealed, "It's my starting page and my search engine. I get the best info this way! Not just the sites that are the best SEO'd or the best at gaming Google. I get real quality sites that are recommended by my friends."

Beware Mr. Google you silly old hare. "

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