Wednesday, May 7, 2008

What's the best product to sell?

(from my friend Socrates Socratous...)

"What is the Best product to Sell?"

People have been asking me this question over and over and over again. Ironically the answer is hidden within the question itself.

Let me explain...

People DON'T buy products.

No matter what your product is or how well known you are, the fact is, people will NOT buy your product.

They will buy what your product REPRESENTS for THEM.

People will buy the RESULT or the OUTCOME your product delivers.

If you are selling a pill to stop smoking, John will NOT buy the pill, but the fact that after he takes it he will no longer be a smoker.

He will buy the RESULT the pill will give him after he takes it.

Now, lets get back to your question:

"What is the Best product to Sell?"

If you look carefully over this question you are not asking about the Product itself but the OUTCOME. you want to know of a product that will sell well and will be successful.

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