Thursday, May 1, 2008

eBay playing hard-ball

Ok, here's a new one. Told you about buying cheap ebooks to get my own feedback up on eBay. Had it up to about 52 or so. Turns out they have been de-listing people and then removing any feedback they've given out. So now I'm down to 46.

Interesting. Lucky I've been with eBay for years. Otherwise, I'd be a suspect - since obviously, they were using this to scam eBay for high feedback scores.

There's no free ride, free beer, or cheap feedback. Back to the drawing board.

Lesson? Buy only actual products through eBay - don't try to get around their (ahem) policies. Obviously, they are on a line of eradicating certain influences in their community.

Hey, just discovered some old McGovern/Shriver buttons....

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