Friday, May 2, 2008

How to Market "Getting Rich"

People still want the same things - Money, Time, Health, Sex (and probably in that order, regardless of how "Madison Avenue" tells us).

This study below tells us that we aren't going to market getting rich to those who already have wealth. But getting more free (read: under your own control) time is a concern to everyone.

Unless you are marketing something that won't make the viewer more rich, more time, better health, or better sex - including these benefits in your copy would be smart.

Now, if you are selling luxury items, you are going to probably sell them on how other people will think of them - security of emotional state. But buying an expensive car won't make you rich or improve your health. It might be a "chick/stud magnet" and give you more enjoyable time off from the job that pays for it.

Pew Research Center: Who Wants To Be Rich?:
"Being wealthy tends to be highly valued by many whose current circumstances suggest they face long odds of ever becoming well-off including unemployed men as well as the least well-educated. About a quarter of each group say being rich is very important to them. For many of these Americans, this expressed desire for wealth may reflect little more than the desire to be financially more secure."

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