Thursday, May 8, 2008

Running Your Own Business - An Entrepreneur - means having a naturally different way of thinking

Basically, business owners (not people who manage it) think differently from 95 percent of the rest of the population of planet earth.


Keep looking down this line and you'll see that the statistics keep repeating:

  • 1 percent actually get rich
  • 4 percent become financially independent
  • 95 percent either continue working for someone else for the rest of their lives, or go into a fixed-income retirement plan - or die broke (or all three).
It was true when Earl Nightingale published his "Strangest Secret" recording.

Recent figures from the Social Security Administration gives the same numbers.

A study of graduating students found that only 5% had definite financial goals. And of that graduating class, only 5% became financially independent - the rest got jobs and debt.

Also, when you check out the Pareto Principle (80% of your income comes from 20% of your customers) - this then equates to 96% of the bulk of your income comes from roughly 4% of your customers (20% of 20%).

Everyone else is an also-ran, a wage-slave.

But there's hope. Especially for baby-boomers now finding that they have been relegated to trying to live off a tentative 401K, which varies with the economic climate.

You just have to change your mind.

  • Napoleon Hill's "Think and Grow Rich"
  • Earl Nightingales's "Strangest Secret" recording
  • Charles F. Haanel's "Master Key System"
  • additional books by Robert Allen and Robert Kiyosaki on real estate and investing
  • good training programs on starting and running an eBay business
  • keeping motivational recordings running all the time, like Wayne Dyer, Zig Ziglar, Tony Robbins, Jay Abraham, and others.
1st step is to read and follow the 13 steps of Napoleon Hill TO THE LETTER.
2nd step is to do the 30 Day program of Earl Nightingale
3rd step is to complete the 24 lessons of Haanel

Then start over.

In between times, other than getting audio copies of Hill and Haanel, re-listen to Nightingale's recording, plus Allens, Kiyosaki, Dyer, Ziglar, Robbins, Abraham, etc. These keep you on track and able to continue reprogramming yourself.

Now, the how of it is in those training programs on starting/running an eBay business and then leveraging this into completely financial independence.

It's really that simple.

Do it and get your freedom back.

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