Friday, May 2, 2008

Still trying to boil down internet marketing to its simplicities...

Internet Marketing Simplicities

(Sounds like a great short video/slideshare...)

  • People are evolving. Constant situation - like change itself.
  • Emotions are shortcuts - people can use them, marketers use them.
  • (All attitudes and emotions can be controlled, but most people don't. Those 5 percent which do make 95 percent more.)
  • People associate things with emotions.
  • And they build their world-view with these things - surround themselves with them.
  • Worldviews are patterns, thought patterns. Habits. And so can be changed.
  • Their actual world is composed of/from the thoughts they create.
  • Knowing which emotions are tagged to what things is what drives sales and marketing.
  • Cheap shots.
  • Kicker is that people leave those exploitations when they see how they are false.
    Fads vs. trends.
  • Enter Web 2.0 - marketing is changed to a ClueTrain conversation.
  • Enter information products. (Thanks to darpanet...)
  • Stage is set for a true visionary - provided she/he's actually transparent.
  • Hasn't happened yet. (There's no politician alive who could fit that bill - nor most modern religious "leaders".)
  • Meanwhile, make all the money you want - it's only temporary anyway. The real thrill is the ride...

    What are you going to spend it on when you arrive?

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