Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A new business idea for importers and manufacturers - get the public to tell you what sells...

Forbes defined u-boomers: "financially unprepared yet undaunted and uncompromising baby boomers--'u-boomers' for short--will account for almost 25% of total U.S. consumption by 2015."

Make Way For The U-Boomers - Forbes.com: "Companies also need to think about repositioning their brands so they help u-boomers feel smart, innovative and proud--not cheap or old--as they reconcile their financial limitations and lifestyle aspirations. For example, some discount airlines such as JetBlue (nasdaq: JBLU - news - people ) are helping passengers feel smart and special by combining low prices with comfort--individual television sets, leather upholstery, extra legroom--and a cool brand.

The flip side of the opportunity is a looming threat to companies who get their positioning wrong. Our research shows that the over-50 population, led by u-boomers, will over the next few years increase by 6% to 10% its share of spending in categories ranging from consumer electronics and clothing to furniture and restaurants. For executives, understanding the needs and preferences of u-boomers could be the difference between strong growth and no growth."

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