Thursday, May 1, 2008

Evil Internet Marketing Tactics and how to defeat them

Michael Campbell gives us this great insight below.

"Modern" Marketing (based in cold-war 1950's psychology) also doesn't particularly work on trained marketers. Long sales pages don't work in general - though a lot of people seem to think they do.

Actually, that psychology above is a numbers racket - all current sales and marketing (at least prior to Web 2.0) is based on the statistical fact that 3-5% will buy anything you offer them. And hence, spam.

You know what the real solution is - exactly what he says below: be transparent. I'd put some dynamic stuff on my website (if browsers would interpret it the same) which gave drop-down testamonials - if the viewer wanted them. Drop-down bonuses - if the viewer asked for them. Even drop-down PS's - if the viewer wanted another reason to justify her purchase.

Otherwise: give the basic and terse emotional value and reason they should buy and then a link to do so. (Yes, then you get a drop-down of "why so expensive" or "why so cheap".)

My chief annoyance is having to scroll around to find what they want for what they are offering. Makes me go elsewhere.

But I'm trained in marketing and pretty much hype-proof.

Expect your buyers and clients to be, as well.

Beware of Evil Internet Marketing Tactics:
"Many info sellers are highly trained in direct response marketing techniques, basic psychology, and prey on weak willed people through manipulating human emotions. Just say NO! Stop being their personal ATMs and giving them cash every time they ask for it.

(BTW, direct marketing doesn't work on people under the age of 30. Blasted with media since birth, their hype meters are on full alert and they can spot it in 10 words or less.)

When it comes to internet marketing, your worth is your reputation. You need to be transparent. Free of hype. Give value first (not added). And most important of all, be a good listener so you can give people what they want."

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