Sunday, May 4, 2008

Seth's Blog: Four words

Seth is constantly trying to boil down and re-explore marketing - which is what a professional marketer should be doing.

In this post, he missed the achille's heel of many niche leaders and especially those who make a living from speaking and presentations: self-importance/vanity/lack of humility. (All the same concept.)

The first point is to actually communicate with those you are trying to reach. You have to deliver your story within their worldview - not to it or on top of it. You have to communicate to that person.

A speaker has to get outside himself and watch through the eyes of his audience - a bit of a trick, but easy once you learn to get empathy and real understanding of your audience (and easier in smaller groups than larger ones).

His four words, revisited: Really connect, overdeliver value.

Seth's Blog: Four words:
Make big promises; overdeliver."

Marketers often make big promises that appear to be unrealistic or are delivered in ways that don't match the worldview of the prospect. Marketers get carried away with themselves and focused on their greatness and forget to tell a story that people enjoy believing.

And sometimes, they make promises that are too small to get our attention. Boring promises are hardly worth making."

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