Thursday, February 5, 2009

Finding Long Tail Keywords for New Business Ideas

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How to Find Keywords for Long Tail New Business Ideas

Couldn't resist this X-Files image as we are on our quest for finding not just keywords, but quality content you can repurpose and republish. (Hey - I only count three hands - Mulder?!?)

I've talked about using Google Alerts and piping these to Google Reader for the content you want to find. And also how to use RankTracker to find the Long-Tail keywords for your selected niches (or vice-versa).

Now, I've additionally said in several places how you take your long-tail keywords and then start moving up the food chain toward shorter keyword phrases. When you rank for related niches, the common words in these phrases get you accumulative link love.

OK - I just found out today how to use Google to not only find you niche-related content, but to help you search within that existing content for other keywords.

What happened was - I've had a number of RSS feeds accumulating in my Google Reader (I don't really have time to view them all or even keep up - another organizing point, perhaps). And I just got into checking out a new niche, which I didn't have a Google Alert set up for.

(What's interesting is that - as you might know from my other blogs - I've mostly been aggregating self improvement articles and stuff in my Google Reader, nothing much to do with business or this latest small niche.)

I just put in a main keyword into Google Reader and searched it - voila! More articles and posts than I could even digest simply. But they "shouldn't have been there"?

What does this mean? Two things:
  1. Like a Venn diagram, you'll have intersections on your keywords. Accumulate a bunch of feeds having to do with self improvement and some of these will also touch on telemarketing. People who post about self improvement also might grouse about phone scams.

  2. Secondly, you need to set your aggregators for the Short Head keywords - the ones with good KEI, but ones you aren't going to target directly. Like "business" or "marketing" or "books" - you might be working on "small business marketing books" but not those others. Your aggregators pull in all these data and store it on Google's servers. Now you then just go and start searching on your own reader for the really long-tail, very profitable KEI search terms. (And no, you never mess with keywords that don't have good KEI - life is too short.)

The great part is that searching your Google Reader is much faster than Google Search. And the base it's using is much smaller and already pre-digested.

Means you have more time to concentrate on creating more content for your chosen niche.

Thought you'd like that idea.

- - - -

Got any better way to do this - or another application? Let me know...

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