Monday, February 16, 2009

Moving On - Life after Small Business Online Marketing

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Even small business online marketing can come to an end.

So happy and sad now - it's time to move along.

That last post of mine really struck a cord with me. Like it did the first time.

"What would you be doing in life if you didn't really have to be doing something someone else wanted you to be doing?" is another phrase for it.

If you live life through thinking that you "owe" it to someone to do something or other, then the shoe is on the wrong foot. Sure, you do things always just to be helpful and make sure people are finding the best ways for themselves.

But if the help you're giving doesn't really ring your own gong - who are you doing it for?

Another one: What really winds up your own clock?

What have you always wanted to be, do, or accomplish, or achieve?

What activities do you work at which always cheer you up?

What activities do you do which always cheer others up around you - and keep them that way?

What are your own unique skill-sets which set you apart?

And - is there one reply which fits all of these above questions?

If there is - then how could you do this for the rest of your life? Would you find yourself completely happy doing it from here on out?

Now, if these above questions strike a chord - then refer to that earlier post on finding your own passion/purpose/lifestream and go right out and start taking the steps to do this.

That's what I'm going to do.

So this blog now will start dropping from my priorities - as I've really already said everything you need to get going with - if you just read these 169 posts, along with the 55 post of An Online Millionaire Plan - the blog and the few volumes of An Online Millionaire Plan - the book series.

I've laid out more there than anyone else has in one spot, believe me.

And here's the offer, if you find this stuff useful and want to use this stuff to create your own brand of marketing - contact me via Things can be worked out. I've done everything I needed to on this and just want to turn it all over. Sure, I thought that I could help a lot of people out by laying out how this could be done and help them find new jobs and so on - but really, my own medicine tastes best.

What am I off to do?

Actually, besides farming, I'm going to draw cartoons and write childrens' stories. My idea of fun.

Sure, I've got a lot of studying to do now, but heck, that's nothing new. The bulk of my work (how people think, plus how to get them to buy your stuff) is behind me. Now it's really down hill.

Wish me luck - I've already done the same for you.

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