Saturday, February 14, 2009

Getting more marketing value from an "old" site.

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Keeping an old site isn't a mistake - throwing it away is.

For a few years, I've been blogging about an Online Millionaire Plan. Problem is, very few people are actually searching for this term. So, as a niche - it sucks. People search for "online" and "millionaire" and "plan" - but not "online millionaire", "millionaire plan", or "online plan".

However, I've managed to use this as a depository for all types of stuff which do work as I've continued to research my way out of a hole called the 9-5 job/broke-in-retirement lifestyle. And this stuff plainly works.

There's the domain name and a mini-site built up for it - as well as a series of books on Lulu.
And I was about to re-market it under another name and even give it away to someone else as an incentive for their startup. However, they backed out - and also, I realized I had invested ample link love into that domain name/mini-site. So it would be silly to trash it.

Instead, the solution: make that name a trademark brand (what, actually, is a Pilsbury or a Swanson, or a Kellogg's?) And then re-label every book with a decent niche title. Simple. Sure, redo the packaging, redo the site content - but don't throw it away.

You see, I can drive business to that site, or from that site over to my main blog by using what I've discovered on keywords and social media. And while posting all these notes to Blogger blogs hasn't helped my own set up so much, I can repurpose all of those hundreds of posts - update them and social market through them. Meanwhile, I update the basic sequence of these books and upgrade them.

That example is simply how you take the old sow's ear and make it into a "Sow's Ear(TM)" silk purse.

So - look something over carefully before you decide to ditch it. After all, Monopoly was started in the Depression and has been able to remake itself by licensing the basic trademarks - and produce an incredible new income stream. All some 70 years later....

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