Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Secret News Keyword Strategy I probably shouldn't tell...

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Secret News Keyword Strategy I probably shouldn't tell...

Here's a dirt-simple method I just twigged on - and I'm telling this, first because you should know a fast way to get on top of breaking trends before they become too saturated for marketing, and second - because it's probably not now a secret. And besides that, anyone whose been following this blog faithfully deserves whatever I can give them. Finally, I'm not going to be using it - because my type of content takes too long to come up with to do this daily, unless research shows this to be wildly profitable...

This keyword strategy is designed to put you at the front of every rising trend with the exact profitable keyword phrases, based on what mainstream news media is shouting from the roof tops (whether it's true, makes sense, or not)

The secret keyword strategy sequence:
  1. You know Google Trends, right? News is down there on the bottom graph. Take the top news sites (I suppose you could do this with top blogs, as long as they change daily) and use a keyword tool to scrape what Search Engines will say their keywords are.
  2. Now, take that keyword list and run it through a KEI generator, like Rank-Tracker (no, I'm not an affiliate, I just like the tool) - and find out what people are actually looking for which is related to what is in the news. KEI of 3 or above, at least 20 or above on daily searches.
  3. Work out your R/S quotient and line these up that way - which will give you profitable keyword phrases with the lowest competition for the demand. Work on these first.
  4. Then you simply write good link-bait copy and link to products.

And repeat this as much as you can that day - hell, if it works out like it looks, you could afford to hire people to write copy for you. Reason being is that you can use this method to get on the rising side of trends and establish your market base before that market becomes saturated. The next day, you start over. The trick is to get in, find the exact keyword, pop up some short posts with a link to a product that assists/solves that problem - and is available for immediate download. Call it "the secret of news niche marketing".

Obviously, a saturated market has low KEI and high R/S ratio, even when the traffic dies off (the other profitable side of the market curve). And the only one's making income in that scene are big box stores with tons of very cheap inventory - and can compete on price.

But doing the above gets you out ahead of the field, ahead of that curve.

The downside of this is that its entirely possible - since people don't trust the news - that they are barking up the wrong tree and are way behind the curve. They do tend to run in herds - and occasionally off cliffs all together.

(And if I were a journalist or had one as a buddy, I'd key them in on this strategy. This is the way they could find and get ahead of rising trends by finding which subjects are actively being looked up - and have peoples' interest - and which are already saturated with tons of competing pages/stories already. And guess what - your scoop won't be what you think it is... But your readership will climb as you always are writing ahead of the curve and can - mostly - start spotting a nascent trend. Tip: take your keyword and put it back into Google Trends to see what it's doing - write on all the uptrending ones.)

Don't understand some of these terms? OK, then either skip this post, or look them up. Hate to do this to you, but this post is for SEO-savvy people - and only those who are smart enough to find this blog. If you are natively that smart and want to understand what I just said, you can search this blog, as I've gone over this material before. The answers are all there.

Good Hunting!

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