Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Telemarketing Scam: Money Back - How to get it..

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How to get your money back from a telemarketing scam.

If you've been the victim of high-pressure, smooth-talking telemarketers - but aren't getting your full money refunded - here's a simple way to get all your money back - complain to every government agency you can find. That might include elected officials in your state and the state that company is physically located in. That's the secret - they are physically located somewhere. And their owners exist and have physical addresses. Those addresses have government agencies who monitor deceptive practices. So: complain like hell to every agency you can find, not just the BBB.
repsaver.com : "I came upon this website and read what Debbie wrote. It works it really works. Complain to EVERY agency out there. I was in complete shock. I received all my money back in FULL. I was about to give up. My bank did not want to help me. They said since I paid with my debit card that they could not do anything. (Chase) When I read Debbie's complaint about the company I decided to use her information and run with it. I wrote to the FCC, all the local and state agencies. I filed 3 complaints in the state where the company is from too (Utah). The BBB was absolutely NO HELP!!! It's going to be a lot of faxing, calling and writing but ALL well worth it. I got a letter in the mail from PCS apologizing for the misunderstanding 2 weeks from the start of my complaint frenzy. They have FULLY refunded my money. The letter I received had one catch. I would have to stop filing complaints about them to state agencies."
This just goes to show you that the "squeaky wheel" does indeed get the grease.

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