Thursday, November 6, 2008

Pithy video please - how to lose subscribers by being over-verbose

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Keep It Pithy Video Please - how to lose subscribers by being over-verbose

Another example hit my email today - just where I don't want it. Someone decided that the way to add value was to create a 1 hour and 12 minute instructional video.

I suppose they never thought how much bandwidth and computer resources that would take to download. Yet this is targeted for "newbies". I'm not going to download it, and I don't have time to "start watching it and then come back to it." Essentially, this violates the basic principle of the Internet: "Valuable Content Fast".

I like my bandwidth, but it's throttled at various times due to too much too fast. Excessive videos tend to take it over the top. And I've mentioned before that if you really want acceptance, you'll create alternative versions of the same data. PDF's, small MP3's, text files, RSS feeds from blogs, images posted to image sharing sites like Flickr, PowerPoints to, etc.

In this case, they should have broken it up into smaller chunks and then created a mini-course around it. You then have interaction, especially if you set it up for people to leave comments. Make each video clip about 3-5 minutes, and provide a PDF workbook as a download for every single section. This would give you 22 sections for that overlong video to have that much data in it. (But more than likely, a lot of that edited hour would wind up on the cutting room floor...)

And every section allows you to get more exposure to your PPC ads, affiliate links, and own products.

You have to always keep the "win-win" proposition in mind. Make your product and information easily accessible and easily sharable.

Keep it pithy, please - replaces/augments "Keep it stupidly simple."

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