Thursday, November 13, 2008

Getting started in Online Marketing - the easy way

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How to get started in Online eCommerce - the easy way.

It's taken me some time to get my tail to follow my lead. I have been so extensively researching how things work, that I haven't taken the time to make them work for me. Essentially, I never set up my own backend to work.

Let me tell you the basics of how to get started (and let you get on with it).
  1. Get some good hosting with cPanel. This is the control panel for your site. Don't accept any hosting that doesn't have it.
  2. Buy a domain name cheaply from a domain-name provider. Don't buy this through your webhost, as it may not belong to you if you decide to move. Transfer this domain name over to your webhost.
  3. Log into your webhost and open up cPanel (usually
  4. Go down into Fantastico.
  5. Install a WordPress blog.
  6. Download and install wp-e-commerce plug-in for WordPress.
  7. Configure this and populate it with salable products - either digital downloads or drop-shipped items.

At that point, you're set to go. Really. That simple.

Sure, there's tons of stuff to apply to your new site about promotion and marketing and all that sort of stuff. You will be doing this from here on out.

But first, you get some valuable products for sale and set these up so you can sell them. Then you promote.

Too simple.

Life is actually that way, you know...

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