Thursday, October 2, 2008

Writing Recession-Proof Blogs - 2 Easy Steps

Writing Recession-Proof Blogs - 2 easy steps

The nut of this linked post is way down toward the bottom:

Recession-proof Search Engine Optimization | SEO Theory - SEO Theory and Analysis Blog:
"This economy will probably lose more value in the next few weeks, value that won’t be available to drive new business loans, new consumer purchases, new sales of durable goods, new jobs, new advertising campaigns. If you’re not helping your clients save money, make money, and stay in business, then why do they need you?

Just repackaging your services with a new title and marketing slogan, “Fight the recession with SEO!” isn’t sufficient. You need to offer real value, not so much in the way of price discounts as in the way of innovation, measured success, and return on investment. That calls for doing new research to identify query trends that help your clients’ customers save money while doing business with your clients. That calls for streamlining your own practices, improving your efficiencies, reducing your costs, and reducing your time for deliverables."
And it's overall a great piece, but I'd offer this critique:
  1. It's not scannable. (This text is written like an English College Paper.)
  2. You can't comment easily. (I'd have to register just for this blog to comment - and no way to link this post to social media or tag it in any way.)

Those are the two points of social media -
  1. keep it pithy and
  2. allow/encourage conversation.

So the advice is:
  1. Learn to write for the web.
  2. Set your page with lots of social link options, as well as easy commenting.

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