Thursday, October 2, 2008

Why videos suck - they aren't scannable

Why Videos Suck - They aren't scannable.

Just found what was irritating me about this one guru's site - he's moved over to video and I can't follow him in my reader.

1. Google Reader doesn't transmit his embedded file readily.
2. Bandwidth problems with between his server and my computer.

Goes back to Jacob Nielsen - people don't read, they scan. And the 10 second rule about moving on - a video which doesn't load won't keep me on that page.

Rules to follow:
1. Keep videos as an option, not the only data source.
2. Give an additional option, like a downloadable PDF script, or transcript below.

As well, test your page in Google Reader and other top RSS readers so that you know your stuff is actually going to get read.

This also explains why podcasts haven't taken off - for entertainment value itself, they're great - but for fast data, they suck - due to their (and video's) inherent linear delivery problems.

Text you can scan, other media - not so much.

1. Always review your page from your subscribers' viewpoint (preferably before you post).
2. Always give several options to get the data.

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