Monday, January 19, 2009

Small business marketing idea - last resort advertizing...

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Small Business Marketing Keyword Idea -
how to make your site more profitable for adsense.

Was just fooling around with RankTracker and Google's ExternalKeywordTool and found a very interesting point you can put to use.

Toward the end of the 30-Day Challenge, they suggest that if you are getting traffic, but no viable sales/conversions, you can simply turn the site over to Adsense and start making money at it (and then start over with your niche research - both 30 days older and wiser).

Well, I found an approach to getting advertisers to flock to your site.

Simply use Google's Keyword Tool in reverse. Now I have several times advised staying away from buying PPC because it's not all that efficient a way to get traffic to your site, plus the initial outlay is quite high - you could burn through your budget at an incredible pace. However, if you've created a high traffic site for a niche which doesn't have buyers in it, why not do these guys a service?

On Google's Keyword Tool page, look up your site's keywords and then look to see which ones they are paying the most for. Then simply revamp your page's SEO (title, headers, etc. ) to take advantage of these. Now, you don't want to change anything that is getting you traffic, so you keep in the keywords which they are looking for. But it doesn't mean you can't add in additional keywords which are higher paying.

And of course, you make Adsense ads the key thing on the page, under the title and heading, but before the content. Your text can actually wrap right around the adsense ads (that's to the right of the ad) so you pull attention to that adsense block.

This of course is violating everything I say about how to best serve your clients. But if you aren't getting sales, it's your farewell to that page and maybe that site - if you plan on selling it. People are coming for the content and the adsense is now a form of that content.

But learn your lessons and set up pages which actually convert to sales of your own products or affiliates' or both. Meanwhile, make any scrape of income from PPC Adsense - but my advice still stands: unless you are inordinately endowed with left-brain brilliance - stay away from buying PPC. You can sell adspace all you want, though.

Have fun with this!

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