Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Strategies and Clunky Metaphors for Social Media Success

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Strategies and Clunky Metaphors for Social Media Success

Why does strategy always have a military bent? (Sigh)

OK, here's the whole approach to making yourself a success - at least the theory of what you need to start with:

  1. The whole name of the game is getting and keeping subscribers. (Means delivering high-quality, consistently wanted content.)
  2. Beyond that, it's making them in to consistently paying clients (if you want to make a living at this).
  • Social Media Marketing is different from regular marketing, as it's based on trust - not bullhorn broadcasting in great locations (classic Madison Avenue).
  • You have to give in order to get. The better quality, more valuable stuff you give away will get you better clients and they reward you for your efforts.
What you need (minimally):
  1. Blog/CMS to consistently add fresh, high-quality content
  2. ecommerce site to allow people to pay you for your efforts
  3. autoresponder so you can send emails to people who want them
  4. solutions to offer, which people will donate to your cause/pay you for.
  5. Everything above plugged into Google Analytics so you can tune what you do.

- - - -

Later, I'll flesh these out with more details, but this is the core of it. Study some other bloggers and see if you don't agree...

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