Saturday, January 19, 2008

SEO your videos to reap the harvest from your broadly cast seeds

This is postgrad stuff - where the Web 2.0 rubber meets the road...

Video and Podcast SEO at SES London: "I know I am not in London now, but Liana “Li” Evans is and she has sent over a session from SES London for me to post.

Amanda Watlington
Video has grown explosively
Video presents optimization problems – there is no clear cut winner when it comes to video players
Most users do not know where to look for video – there is a lot of niche market video
Professionally done videos compete with user gen videos
Tip & Tactics – take advantage of major outlest such as YouTube, use rss feeds to distribute your video – create separate fee
Develop your tags as carefully as site keywords
Create video site maps and landing pages for video content
Put the branding in the video within it
Write clear descriptions,

On demand audio cultural distribution
Don’t finalize the name of your show, make sure that show name isn’t in use already
Podshow names are not as easy to check as domain names
Show name is in the Title you will use for the feed, or in RSS_ speak it’s the channel
Note each episode of your show will also have a title, in RSS speak this is at the item levl
Develop a key world list for the show and determine how your brand it
Write the audio tag information carefully in advance
Optimize id3 tags, web page, monitor distribution after you submit it
ID3 tags are very important ="

Far more at the above. I have to do a search of IT Conversations (or whatever they call it now) to see if I can find a podcast (or video) on this...

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