Thursday, April 3, 2008

How to Get New Business Ideas - self help book promotion through social media

When you have the secret genius recipe for Getting New Business Ideas, you want to get the word out.

And that's what I've been doing this week. Took a lot longer than I thought. But the result has been worth it.

Slideshare has some user hurdles I'm just now jumping - and these are the preliminary findings:
  • Slidecasts (contain audio) do better than simple Powerpoint. More exposure faster.
  • Can't be overly long. Ideal is probably around 3 minutes, like a pop song.
  • Lots of high-quality visuals, not a great deal of text on each slide.
  • Like articles, you need to give valuable data quickly, concisely.
Technical details:
  • Very active community, so only post your best and final version.
  • Means you have to have your audio ready for sync-ing right after you post your slideshare (in order to make a slidecast).
  • Links are active, not no-follow - means you get link love from Slideshare when you comment on someone else's creation (or your own). Search engines follow those links.
  • Google loves Slideshare currently and posts your stuff at the top of their rankings within minutes.
My point with posting this was to get the word out about my new book - but also to help people with what I'd found. (And in the process, tell people that I was available for hire as a genius idea-finder.)

Earlier work was just on YouTube and didn't go anywhere. Here's the video:

As you can see, it's not bad, but isn't the same quality as my later slidecast:

Comparing the two - I've gotten just over 500 views through YouTube on the first video in the month since I posted it. Slideshare has given me over 230 views in 12 hours, with three or four people favoriting it.

Just for grins and giggles - here's the same data (pix and audio) converted to a YouTube video:

Technical How-To's:

In this case, I tried something new, as well as keeping to the established ways of doing things.

New - created this in Corel Draw as it doesn't have to have a template like OpenOffice Impress (or MS Word's PowerPoint). It's an excellent graphic layout tool, though it remains a niche product. CorelDraw outputs direct to PDF, and so can import into Slideshare easily.

Old - learned from my earlier mistakes and held off posting the slideshare until I had the audio online.

Here's that audio from

You'll note that I've got two soundtracks here. This falls under new-based-on-old. I put a short and a longer soundtrack up for the same slides. You see, I sit on a wealth of data on self help, as well as how to create/unleash genius abilities. So the first short version (the popular one) was just to create the overview. The longer one gives the down and dirty of how and why I say what I do.

Now, with those sound tracks posted, I then finished up posting the slideshare and quickly converted it to a slidecast.

Why this sequence? So the initial impression is with sound. Higher value for the visitor experience.

Creating the slideshow was first, but posting it was fourth. Audio posting was third. First was creating a one-page landing page. Second was working out a press release and getting this into my article submitter program.

The web page is the end-point I want people going to. The press release drives people to the slidecast and my websites. But I didn't wait to get all my press release sites contacted before I got the slidecast up and running.

Following all this promotion is this blog post, which I'll social post.

Different from earlier work is the absence of an article to put on the article directories. I'd already posted the "Genius Recipe" so I didn't figure I could revamp it again. (And, spending a week on this slidecast, plus other distractions, has put me behind on other work...)

- - - -

So this about wraps up the scene. Oh yes, a word from our sponsor:

Genius - How to be one, How to live with it.

Genius - How to be one, How to live with it.

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