Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Common elements between successful entrepreneurs and self help

Continuing with my eBay training with

Essentially, they use the same principles that Napoleon Hill laid out in Think and Grow Rich, as well as indirectly covered in "The Secret" DVD, as well as found in every long-term successful self help, pop psychology, or metaphysical texts. And every successful entrepreneur uses these same data, same techniques - and they are the ways to accelerate your personal success.

The key points are:
  1. Create your vision statement - what you seek to achieve (Hill's "Burning Desire") Review this daily, 3 times or so daily. Every single day.
  2. Write a commission statement and sign it.
  3. Work out your plan, rework it as necessary, and keep at it.
  4. Do daily "To Do's" of what will accomplish your current planning and that vision. Execute these exactly - base them on weekly analysis of your progress.
You will find that you continue to research new technology and find new networking terminals to add to your "Master Mind" (as Hill calls it). You don't have to know everything, but you will have to be able to employ (or trust) people around you that do know what you need to know.

There is a wealth of data, a continuing line of published techniques which come through the ages, much as Earl Nightingale discovered in his "Strangest Secret".

This works on 30-day cycles, where - if you apply those four steps above - you wind up changing considerable mental habits and arriving at a "higher plane" of operation. By continuing to refine your goals as you achieve them, you keep evolving as an individual - which is the reason we are all here, anyway.

Summary is that I need to get these books I've been publishing for so long up on eBay and out to the general public - using the natural keywords which are in common use.

There are fascinating techniques to get valuable data out to the general public quickly and profitably (which allows you to help more people).

As I can distill these, I'll post them for you.

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