Friday, February 29, 2008

The Butterfly Effect

Gawd is this dated. Just subscribed to someone's abandoned blog. But it's still an effective approach to upselling your subscribers and quickly getting sales and weeding out your freebie-seekers.

The Butterfly Effect: "In February 2006, [tag]Mike Filsaime[/tag] launched Butterfly Marketing. This is the system Mike has used to build huge lists of subscribers.

The way it works is that you invite prospects to download a free ebook or training course, or give them free membership to a private membership site. Once they have signed up, you present them with a ‘One Time Offer’ - something of great value, at a really good price.

If they buy the One Time Offer, you’ve gained a customer as well as a subscriber. If they only subscribe, you have the chance of selling to them at a later stage.

Even if you’re only selling an ebook, using this kind of membership site model makes a lot of sense. You can build a subscriber list which you can sell to over and over again.

Most of the sites that have been set up with the Butterfly Marketing script allow members to become affiliates as well, whether they buy the One Time Offer or not."

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