Friday, February 29, 2008

Another slideshow site for SEO and Traffic Generation

This is one fascinating transcript (as is usual with Michael Campbell). Check out Slideshare. Looks interesting.

Traffic Generation with Colin McDougall: "Colin: You start controlling the conversations and taking over. You can go beat up your competitors using Web2.0 almost instantly.

I was just talking to Michael before we got on this call regarding some new sources. Ones that are highly effective, that take very little time to create some content, like…

Michael: That's s l i d e? Slideshare?

Colin: Yeah, slide, like going down the slide. It's It's a sharing mechanism for sharing PowerPoint slides. And what you do is upload your content.

Michael: Oh, excellent.

Colin: Creating a PowerPoint is so much more fun than writing SEO copy. SEO copy gets to be a little cumbersome and monotonous after a while. And I'll talk to you more about how I actually create my SEO copy.

When you can spend 30 seconds putting together really cool slides, popping in the images, and have your site come up in bankcard related terms in a matter of minutes, it's like 'Wow, that's kind of cool.' It starts instantly driving traffic.

You can use that to entertain your audience even. They might say, 'Wow, what a great site.'

So start using it as a branding mechanism. Getting into their heads. Getting into their minds. A lot of these people are just hobby bloggers that might actually start talking about you and linking to you."

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