Sunday, March 8, 2009

Use Reverse-Cialdini to Stop Telemarketers

Cialdini's data is enough to stop telemarketers from exploiting you.

The trick is that the 6 points Dr. Robert Cialdini mentions in his "Influence" classic - if known by the individual and consciously used - explain all sales pitches, advertising, and sales campaigns. And if you have studied them carefully, will actually start to free you up from the "Sheep-think" which too often paralyzes our decision-making.

But all, yes - all, advertizing and sales pitches have most or all of Cialdini's 6 points in them. And they are all designed to hit those beloved Madison-Avenue triggers which tend to make us respond in one way or another.

The advise is to get his book (which has far more useful examples than these short lists which are broiling around on the Internet). Then study it completely (the 4th edition even has quizzes at the end of each chapter.) And be prepared to start re-evaluating your purchases (and how you vote for what).

Oh yes, you'll save quite a bunch of dough doing this as well...

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